WHAT IS AFNOR Spec S76-001?

Everybody’s talking about Afnor Spec S76-001. (Actually, they’re not. But they should be.)


With no football or Love Island to talk about, it’s no surprise that everyone seems to be constantly going on about AFNOR Spec S76-001.


Ok, so they’re not – but they should be, because the catchily named AFNOR Spec S76-001 is really important when it comes to choosing a face mask that is actually going to keep you safe. 


Let’s start with the AFNOR bit

AFNOR stands for Association Française de Normalisation – an organisation that designs and shares manufacturing and quality standards for all sorts of items and equipment. In other words, they produce the guidance that manufacturers have to follow if they want their product to be of the required standard.


And the number bit?

That refers to a reference document AFNOR produced to make sure anyone manufacturing barrier masks are following the right safety and hygienic practices – with the current coronavirus epidemic in mind.


You can ask to download the whole thing here, but the important bit is that any mask you buy needs to meet the minimum requirements set out in AFNOR Spec S76-001 if it’s going to do a proper job. 


All of our masks meet this standard – but if you decide to get a mask from somewhere else please, please, please make sure they are meeting these guidelines too.


So, it may not have inspired quite as many memes as Tiger King, but we think AFNOR Spec S76-001 is something everyone show know about, and think about, when they choose a face mask.